Copyright rules

Copyright rules for this website.

All of the information on this site is copyrighted. They come from my book “Dynamic Community Outreach” I will allow for the coping of ideas for use in your church or non-profit organization. Please do not copy¬† large sections of this site.

If you want to post an idea to a blog or website, please do not post the entire page. If you want to copy and paste any information on this site to a blog or website please follow the rules.

Copy rules for placing my content on the internet.

Maximize your use of copied material from our site. I give you the freedom to copy from my blog freely with attribution. Attribution means that you link the material back to the original page.

If you are posting the copied information on a website or blog it is best not to copy the entire
article. Search engines do not like duplicate content. Every article I post gets copied many times and if most of the copies get posted again in full, it may punish both of our blogs or websites.

To get the most benefit from the quote, it is best to use the quote inside another article or to
write your own introduction to the quote. This provides you with a post that is unique.

If you want to use the entire post write a decent sized introduction to the post and consider adding your comments after the post. Search engines look at percentage of duplicate or very similar content on a page. If the content on any page is 70% or less than duplicate content then the search engines do not look at it as duplicate content.

Thank you for considering this and I wish you much success and blessings with your website or blog.

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