Crowd Funding for Evangelism

Crowd funding for Evangelism

Crowd funding is an newer and effective way of funding business, projects. Our group is starting a crowd funding platform for churches and other non profits and even individuals to help fund evangelism and community outreach projects.

The nice thing about our crowd funding platform is that you can choose to have the donated money go strait into your PayPal or other funding account.

Most crowd funding platforms charge 5% to 15% of the money raised plus processing fees for PayPal or which ever payment processing service they use. We will be one of the lowest crowd funders charging only 3% and processing fees. (Example PayPal charges 2.5% and .30 per transaction.)

We will only except projects that are centered around evangelism. We will help promote those programs that are unique or ground breaking.

If you like this idea or think your church or non profit would like to participate then comment here or email me at peterpan56 @

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