Outreach: Birthday Cakes For Juvenile Offenders


Outreach: Birthday Cakes For Juvenile Offenders

Do you have a Juvenile detention center near you. Contact them and find out the dates of up coming birthdays and deliver them a cake. Many youth in these centers do not have close family and never see a birthday cake. Some centers may not be open to this. You do not know until you ask.

If you have a ministry in either a youth or adult detention center then this is a great way to reach out to the inmates you serve. Having a birthday celebration for one of the inmates during your regular meetings means a lot. The good news about this is that the news spreads about how these Christians had a party for one of the inmates. Some inmates may be willing to attend the meetings for the first time when ask by a fellow inmate to attend the party.

This also works well with family or friends of members of your church who are incarcerated. It is important for them to have a supportive Christian community waiting for them when they get out. Sending them a cake for their birthday reminds them that there are people out there who care. Many who get out of prison do not feel the Christian community will welcome them. I have seen many people come to Christ after leaving a detention center because family and Church community welcome them and love them.

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