Outreach Through Charity Fundraisers

Outreach Through Charity Fundraisers

One of the great outreaches for churches and community groups is to have fundraisers for charities. This has many benefits. It helps the charity you are supporting. It communicates to the community that you care. It helps build relationship within  the community.

I like working with local charities. It provides opportunities to work side by side with members of the charity. It helps the community you live in.

These types of events provide the opportunity for a lot of free publicity. Local newspapers love to write about these types of events. Many businesses are willing to promote the event or to put up posters. It is easy to get members of the local charity to work hand in hand with your members.

The example in the image is a concert with local musicians. This also provides the opportunity to not only work with local musicians but provides another layer of marking as fans of the singers and bands spread the word.

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