Outreach through a local social network


Outreach through a local social network

There are two growing social networks where only people who live in your neighborhood can belong. This has the potential to be a great way to get to know your neighbors. The networks are Nextdoor and I-Neighbors.

I would like to focus on Nextdoor because it is a much larger network and has the greatest potential for growth and participation of people in your neighborhood. Nextdoor is already in 41000 neighborhoods. It has the potential to keep growing rapidly because it is associated with the National Association of Town Watch and its National Night Out events. Because of this relationship it provides individuals, churches and nonprofits a great opportunity to intimately involved with their neighborhoods.

The advantage of Nextdoor is that you have to prove you live in a specific neighborhood to join that neighborhood and you have to use your real name.  If there is not a group already for your neighborhood then you can start one. It is easy to get neighbors involved through a National Night Out event.

Ways to use nextdoor to reach out.

    • Share local news stories.

    • Share events from your church or other
      churches and community groups.

    • Respond to neighbors posts.

    • Invite neighbors to participate in hobbies you

    • Help plan an annual block party.

    • Help plan the National Night Out event.

    • Use it to organize a Neighborhood Watch Group after the National Night out event

    • Welcoming new neighbors.

If you would like more information about how your church or community group can get more involved you may like to read out last post Outreach Through Annual Neighborhood Night Out.

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