The Unhaunted House

Mike Kanert

By Rusty Ford

I could find little in my research on this topic. It seems like it could go over big. The few I found all seem to do well. Sometimes an alternative to what everyone else is doing has the opportunity to be very successful. For it to be successful it needs to have the same or better quality than what the others are doing. Not only can it become a fun alternative for children, it can also become a very good fundraiser.

When I was a teen, Young Life ran a haunted house in Memphis, Tennessee. There was an article in the paper about how they raised 12 thousand dollars with their haunted house. That is not a bad fundraiser for today but that was 40 years ago. In order to be a good fundraiser it needs to be good enough to be a multi-night event.

Below I have listed some of the programs I found. You should find some good ideas from them.

The Miami Children’s Museum’s “Not So Scary Family Halloween Bash is all about children so it makes sense that it would design a Halloween event that even young ones can enjoy. The “Not So Scary Family Halloween Bash” includes a haunted house that will delight your child along with activities like a mad scientist lab, crafts, face painting and a costume contest.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  Fall is a great time to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, with less crowds and cooler Florida temperatures. The Magic Kingdom hosts Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, where guests of all ages can arrive in costume, trick or treat around the park and take pictures with Disney characters dressed in Halloween costumes

Hephatha Lutheran Church last year hosted a “Chronicles of Narnia” walk-through. Haunted houses are almost always a walk through. Instead of scary scenes there are displays and skits centered around “The Chronicles of Narnia”. This will work with any theme you want to choose.

“Super Heroes” Unhaunted House is an annual event at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center and a place to experience Halloween with an unusual twist. Meet superheroes and super animals and find out how these animals help to save the day! Let Spiderman, Cat Woman, Batman, and their friends show you how their wild animal partners help them conquer evil! Make your way through the Unhaunted House and meet an owl, opossum, and other super hero critters at this very special Halloween event. Enjoy the rest of the evening with Halloween crafts, storytelling, and campfire with marshmallow roasting with great Halloween games, special night hikes, and tasty treats.

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